Kelly Best & Mark Houghton : Everything else is just the weather

Unit 17 & 3b

occured: 31/03/14 – 19/04/14


Kelly Best & Mark Houghton

Everything else is just the weather

Kelly Best


Following nicely on from their very recent G39 Unit(E) collaborative investigation…

‘This residency will solidify a new collaborative partnership between myself Kelly Best a painter,and Mark Houghton, a sculptor. Our project will see us working firstly at ARCADECARDIFF, followed by Mark Devereux Projects, at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, in an experimental collaborative touring exhibition aimed at drawing attention to two emerging artists based in Wales.

The project will begin with an investigative production stage, subsequently formalizing ideas into new works for exhibition. These works will be informed by each other’s practice, but also draw inspiration from the spaces where they will be created and shown. We will explore the visual overlaps and thematic parallels between our work, as well as investigating the links between a primarily 2D and 3D practice.

A 10-day development period in ARCADECARDIFF will result in a finalised exhibition open to the public for 2 weeks.

ARCADECARDIFF is interesting as it poses two opposing gallery spaces, which will allow for conversations to occur between the two individual spaces, as well as between our work. Integrating the two practices will lead to stimulating and engaging experiences for a diverse audience to encounter alongside the interesting concept that challenges the role of the author of an exhibition within a wider social context.

The new works made in ARCADECARDIFF will subsequently tour to Mark Devereux Projects for further exploration of the work within a new visual context.’

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