Microworld 2



Event occurred Monday 26/05/14 – 31/05/14

Performance and digital live events


Another chance to enter a digital ecosystem of interacting artworks at ArcadeCardiff.
This year’s show will include work by Genetic Moo, Sean Olsen, Myles Leadbetter, Jockel Liess, Sean Clark,
Banfield&Rees, Gudrun Sigridur Haraldsdottir, Radio Arts and Julia Schauerman

 Peski  http://www.peski.co.uk/

 Sean Olsen  http://www.seanolsen.co.uk

Myles Leadbetter https://www.facebook.com/myles.actuatedlab?fref=ts

 Genetic moo http://www.geneticmoo.com

  Jockel Liess http://www.jockelliess.org/

  Sean Clark   http://www.seanclark.me.uk/

 Banfield&Rees  http://jaguarmin.co.uk/

  Julia Schauerman  http://youtu.be/MS7kHwTEMDA

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