John Abell: VENA CAVA. 31/07/14 – 16/08/14


New large scale wood block prints

Opening Night 31/07/14
31/07/14 – 16/08/14
Open Wed – Sat 12.30 – 5.30


“Woodcut” yw prif ffocws Abell. Mae ei waith yn gymleth ond eto’n ddramatig sydd yn anarferol gyda gwaith o’r fath. Mae’r pren a ddefnyddwyd wedi eu hachub o sgipiau a safleoedd adeiladu ayyb
Anaml iawn bydd Abell yn cynllunio 


Woodcut is Abell’s main focus. He works intricately but on a dramatic scale not commonly associated with the medium. His materials are scavenged discarded wood from skips, shop fittings, and building sites. The unpredictability of the half-carved woodblock offers openness as opposed to firm conclusions. His work is seldom planned, he favours improvising further compositions as space gets scarcer on the block, and this often makes the returned image subtly detailed and complex. Abell takes inspiration from the cityscape, a passion for literature, and the desire to mix myth with modernity.

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