Hannah Biscombe: Infinitas 21/08/14 – 06/09/14

Opening Night 21/08/14. 6 – 8pm

Open Wed – Sat 12.30 – 5.30pm

Hannah Biscombe’s work is grounded in the use of photograms – a primitive photographic technique that records the space around objects on paper- made with living creatures. A fundamental concern in this primal form of “writing with light” is extending what is a basic but nevertheless deeply connotative visual language.

Mae gwaith Hannah Biscome yn seiliedig ar waith ffotogram- techneg ffotograffig syml sy’n cofnodi gofod o amgylch gwrthrychau ar bapur. Mae Hannah yn defnyddio creaduriad byw yn ei gwaith. Bwriad sylfaenol y ffurf o “ysgrifennu gyda golau” yw ymestyn y iaith gweledol syml ond hynod gynodiadol yma.

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