NOTE: Venue for talk on Wednesday 17th is THE ABACUS, St Davids House, 18/20 Wood Street. 6 – 8pm. Go see the exhibition by David Garner at Arcadecardiff in advance and people will direct you to THE ABACUS for talk.

NOTE: Venue for talk on Wednesday 17th is THE ABACUS, St Davids House, 18/20 Wood Street CF10 1EI. 6 – 8pm. Go see the exhibition by David Garner at Arcadecardiff in advance and people will direct you to THE ABACUS for talk.

Ola Ashi, a young Muslim campaigner in Cardiff and Hamja Ahsan, from Free Talha Ahsan Campaign to speak on the theme of Islamophobia on evening of 17 September. 6.00 to 8.00 pm. 2. ART EXHIBITION + TALK & DISCUSSION ON ISLAMOPHOBIA TODAY/PRISONERS & ‘THE WAR ON TERROR’ Wednesday 17 September, 6 pm Arcade Cardiff, Queens Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 2BY, Unit 3b, By New Look, down the escalators As part of acclaimed artist David Garner’s new exhibition in Cardiff, we will feature two short talks and discussion on the themes of Islamophobia and the prisoners created by the so-called ‘war on terror’ Speakers – Ola Ashi is a Palestinian campaigner in South Wales. Hamja Ahsan (Free Talha Ahsan Campaign) is a South London based artist, curator and political activist. In 2006, his brother, Talha Ahsan, a poet & human rights campaigner with aspergers syndrome was arrested and held for 6 years in prison without trial or charge before being extradited to solitary confinement in a maximum security prison in the US. Along with Babar Ahmad, Talha made legal history, no British citizens have ever been held in British prisons without trial for so many years. Hamja Ahsan was shortlisted for the Liberty Human Rights Award 2013 for Free Talha Ahsan campaign and use of Arts in highlighting the injustice of Extradition law. He will read from Talha’s prison letters and poetry. David Garner is an installation artist known for his use of found objects and overtly political themes. At Arcadecardiff he presents a series of emotive and disturbing works, most of which have not been seen in Wales, that reflect the current political climate. Garner will be present throughout the exhibition to discuss the themes within these works. Chair – Adam Johannes, Cardiff Stop the War More info. on the exhibition here: From Ebbw Vale to the Muslim Veil: A Review of David Garner’s work here:

Other linked events

1. Welsh Government Stand Up For Palestine. Lunchtime Protest. Tuesday 3. Tony Benn Film. Thursday. 4. Urgent! Defend Cllr Ali Ahmed 1. DEMONSTRATE – WELSH GOVERNMENT: STAND UP FOR PALESTINE Tuesday 16 September, 12.30 pm Senedd/ National Assembly for Wales Cardiff Bay Cardiff CF99 1NA. More than 2200 Palestinians were killed in the Israeli attacks on Gaza this summer, tens of thousands were injured and over 150,000 people were displaced. Over 80% of those killed were civilians, including more than 500 children. Israel attacked schools, hospitals, shelters, residential areas, the power plant, the university, water treatment plants, the sewerage system, mosques, a busy market place, a beach even, all in one of the most densely populated places in the world. In the face of this, Carwyn Jones’ response as First Minister of the Welsh government was appalling. He did not condemn the Israeli attacks, nor the Israeli occupation of Palestine which is the underlying cause of the bloodshed. Worst of all, he promised no action at all to alleviate the humanitarian crisis caused by the Israeli attacks. Because of this over 120 organisations and individuals from across Wales, including five different political parties, AMs and councillors, trade unionists, community groups, academics, people of faith, and writers, musicians and many more have signed an open letter to Carwyn Jones calling for the Welsh government to act to break the links between Wales and the Israeli occupation. On Tuesday 16 September at 12:30pm Cardiff PSC and Cardiff Stop the War Coalition are handing over the letter at the Senedd, with a protest to tell the Welsh government loud and clear to change their policies to support the Palestinians rather than be complicit in the Israeli occupation, as they are now. Please come and join us!

3. TONY BENN: WILL AND TESTAMENT (FILM SCREENING) Thursday 18 September, 7.30 pm The Assembly Room, Cardiff City Hall, Cathays Park, Cardiff A special event screening of the award-winning film followed by a panel discussion and audience Q&A. As a political and social activist campaigning for a better world, free from war and poverty, Tony Benn was an inspiration and guide over many decades. He was president of Stop the War Coalition from its founding in 2001 until the day he died, 14 March 2014. NOTE: Tickets must be booked in advance here:

4. DEFEND CLLR ALI AHMED In an extraordinary and disturbing attack on the entire movement to end Israeli apartheid, Cllr Judith Woodman, leader of Cardiff council’s opposition Liberal Democrat group has reported Cllr Ali Ahmed to South Wales Police “to determine if any race or hate crime offences have been committed” due to his courageous stand supporting Palestinian freedom. She appears in the South Wales Echo alongside the Israeli Consul making this attack. This is not just an outrageous attack on Cllr Ali Ahmed, but on all of us who marched in the last six weeks that must be vigorously opposed. Cardiff can be proud that thousands took to the streets in solidarity with Gaza. Far from bringing the city into disrepute, Ali speaks for the majority. See media report here: A petition has been launched by friends of Palestine in support. Please can people sign asap and circulate widely and also include messages of support. You can also tweet messages of support – Tweet @cllr_AliAhmed Rush messages of support to this address. Walter Wolfgang, Former member, Labour party NEC; vice-president, CND; national steering committee member, Stop the War Coalition (Aged 91, Walter came to Britain in the 1930s as a Jewish refugee fleeing anti-semitism in Nazi Germany) – “I am a Jew, committed to the Jewish religion and the ethical values of justice, mercy and compassion. As such, I deplore the Israeli aggression against the people of Gaza. I hope that the present ceasefire will eventually lead to a wider agreement. It has come to my attention that the deputy lord mayor of Cardiff, Cllr Ali Ahmed, has been reported to the south Wales police by the Liberal Democrat opposition, on the grounds that he referred to rockets fired by Hamas against Israel as “toy rockets” and that this reference was offensive to the Jewish community. It would have been preferable, that instead of using the words “toy rockets”, he has said that “the damage done by Hamas is not comparable with the Israeli bombing on the people of Gaza”; that may have been more explanatory. However, the sentiments that he expressed are the sentiments shared, not only by many Jews like myself but also of some Israelis with regard to their own government. There is no need for the deputy lord mayor to resign. He is a man who has a strong commitment to ethical principles.”

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