in audible: The Baroque Cello Project a collaborative project following the soundshapeshiftings of raw wood to handcrafted Baroque cello

Are you interested in subjects like sound art, installation art, crafting wood, music, experimentation, collaboration?

Do you like to wonder why things are as they are?

If so, you’ll probably be interested in this project.

Just over a year ago, a musician commissioned a luthier to hand-craft a Baroque cello. The making process was followed and recorded in sound and image, intentionally giving the discarded, the underheard, the nevernoticed a central role.

in audible: The Baroque Cello Project is a sound-led installation, presenting the cello itself surrounded by a soundscape created from the sounds of its own making. Controlled movements of the luthier produced sounds as the cello emerged from singing-sharp blades and resonating raw wood. Equally complex movements of the musician enable the completed instrument to ‘speak’ and ‘sing’. Piles of shavings become a meditative display of intricate and unique sculptures. Moving image and sounds are separated, allowing each medium a concentration on itself, stillnesses and silences becoming highlighted. All aspects of this project attempt to portray the interlinking, overlapping, continual fluxes of Past, Present and Future, centred on this one musical instrument.

The cello was completed by the luthier in September 2014, and this presentation contains its first public playings by the musician who commissioned it, performing his own work. But the cello is not finished, any more than this project is. Both have reached a moment of completion – before Time and Place make more changes in the wood, just as they will to the project. But here in Arcadecardiff, you are offered the chance to see the cello close-up as crafted object, hear the very start of its working life as sounding object, and, in this intimate space, consider the discarded, underheard and nevernoticed, elements which are always present in any act of making.

in audible: The Baroque Cello Project is a collaboration between Leona Jones (artist), Siôn Dafydd Dawson (musician), Adam Winskill (luthier) and Jeff Chapman (video).   Four very different worlds worked together, combining skills to create the work presented here. We’ll all be present at some point over the period of the exhibition, and we very much hope you are able to join us in the installation and for performances.

visit for information about this presentation, and full details about the project and its makers




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