Nikita McBride: By deFault – 20/02/15 – 07/03/15 – preview night Friday 20 6 – 8pm. Wed – Sat // Mer – Sad 12.30 – 5.30

By DeFault
Nikita McBride
20/02/15 – 07/03/15 –
Preview night TOINIGHT Friday 20th 6 – 8pm.

My artistic practice explores the theme of boundaries and limitations enacted through building structures that imply entrapment and engage with the notion of mobility and transience. My work explores the interdisciplinary format that comprises collage, photography, sculpture and video. The diverse artistic interests within my practice are regularly manifested through an installation context that is site-specific and addresses the architectural and aesthetic parameters of the exhibition space, in a manner in which it can evoke and convey the main concerns in my work. These concerns are primarily subjective issues around displacement, human behaviour, desire, aspirations, conflicts and contradictions.
In my work I use materials that make reference to both male and female labour such as sandbags, domestic objects and female garments, signalling an inversion of the traditional perception of gender roles, identity and placement. The play between hard and soft materials serve as a perpetual reminder of the fragility of the body and its struggle to move beyond barriers imposed by different spaces, institutions, ideologies or its own failures.

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