9.3 – 14.3 TEMMAH ‘Parameters’, an experimental performance with an exoskeleton Painting performances daily 12-2pm Video installation/open event 13.3, 6-8pm temmah-rebecca-hammett.squarespace.com

Artists statement
An experimental performance with 6 exoskeleton arms, attached together with a bendable sprung backbone with brushes bolted to the end of the arms that are dipped in to four buckets of Grey matt-emulsion and then in gestured body movements the exoskeleton applies the paint directly to the walls of the arcade shop space.

‘When wearing this exoskeleton one is reacquainted with the ability of the movement the human body and its capability to make elaborate jesters, also how the body is forced to redefine its parameters with the integration of this new found skin’.

In contemporary western culture it is not deemed unusual to communicate only using the means of social networking sites, email or mobile phones. Through these means communication has become more accessible; however there are some senses in the wake of technological advancement which are becoming obsolete to communication, such as touch and smell, (face to face contact). This performance aims to experiment with the human body’s parameters and its awareness of the prosthetics’ and the identifiable imprint that resonates upon our environment.

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