This must be the place I never wanted to leave.

Sinead Aldridge | Tom Banks (image)  | Sam Chapman | Philip Cheater | Michelle Conway | Tom Down | Ilona Kiss | Arron Kuiper | Anna McNeil | Eifion Sven-Meyer | Fran Williams | Camilla Wilson | Beep Peoples prize winner Daniel Crawshaw

Preview Wednesday 16th November 6-8pm
exhibition continues until Friday 23rd December
Open Wednesday – Saturday 12.30 – 5.30pm

‘This must be the place I never wanted to leave’ aims to explore notions of perception, memory and belonging grounded in a place, space or time in the medium of paint.

The evocative realization of this ‘place’ evokes abstract perceptions. Psychological impressions, physical memory, re-imagined and reconstituted fragments develop from deep felt multi- sensory experiences.

The recognition of ‘the place I never wanted to leave’ (and may have left, by will or necessity) becomes a profound awareness of the elusive nature of objective reality.  In longing for another place and time suggests a longing to restore totality of being.

In the same way a smell, a sound or a sight momentarily transport us to the centre of an experience in place, so can the image.

This exhibition is a part of this years Beep Wales International Painting Prize series of events. Beep (Biennial exhibition of painting) is Wales’s only large-scale contemporary international painting exhibition taking place at different venues every two years. This year the main Beep exhibition featured 49 artists and nearly 100 pieces of work which toured from Swansea to Wrexham and included satellite exhibitions, events and residencies across Wales.

Curated by Jonathan Powell, Director of Beep Painting Prize & elysium gallery, Swansea.

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