Rory Duckhouse: What makes this landscape beautiful? What makes these portraits so picture perfect?

Wednesday 18 January – Saturday 11 February.
ArcadeCardiff is open Wednesday to Saturday, 12:30 – 17:30
preview Friday 20 January, 6 – 8pm
The work What makes this landscape beautiful? what makes these portraits so picture perfect? is a collection of  images that has been made from appropriated photographic manuals and how to guides. the work looks at how our visual language has been created. Our way of seeing is a language that has been learnt through centuries of exposure and reinforcement and continues to be created through how we are told to make images. Photography is a way of controlling and managing our environment and the way we represent our world makes it safer and easier to understand. This series looks at this notion of control and asks ‘what is beautiful?, an idea that is never truly defined but has a central role in our way of understanding of imagery.  
Casgliad o ddelweddau wedi eu gwneud o arweinlyfrau ffotograffig yw What makes this landscape beautiful? what makes these portraits so picture perfect? Mae’r gwaith yn edrych ar sut mae ein hiaith gweledol wedi cael ei chreu. Mae ein ffordd o edrych yn iaith sydd wedi ei ddysgu drwy canrifoedd o ddatguddio ac atgyfnerthu ac mae’n dal i gael ei chreu drwy sut rydym yn cael ein dysgu i greu delweddau. Mae ffotograffiaeth yn ffordd o reoli ein hamgylchedd a mae sut rydym yn cynyrchioli ein byd yn ei wneud yn fwy diogel ac yn haws iw ddeall. Mae’r gyfres hon yn edrych ar y syniad yma o reolaeth ac yn gofyn “beth sy’n brydferth?’ , syniad sydd byth yn cael ei ddiffinio ond sydd efo rôl canolog yn ein dull o ddeall delwau.

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