To complement the Nova Cyrmu Art Prize coming to the capital, we will have a program of Artists Talks on Saturdays through the Exhibition.

Made possible by the generous support of Cardiff School of Art and Design, the talks are an opportunity to discover more about three of the 30 artists exhibiting at Arcadecardiff and Three Doors Up in the centre of Cardiff.

The talks are informal and free and are intended for all audiences from artists, art lovers, students and anyone who is curious to know more about artists and how they respond to the world and society around them.

The Nova Cymru Art Prize was created in 2017 by the Royal Cambrian Academy to present an overview of Welsh artists under 35 who are emerging nationally and internationally.

Since its initial presentation in Conwy, North Wales, the exhibition has traveled to Aberystwyth Art Centre before this final show in Cardiff.

The Nova Cymru Art Prize runs at Arcadecardiff and Three Doors Up in the Queens Arcade, Cardiff Wednesday to Saturday 12.30 – 17.30 until 26/05/18

The CSAD Nova Talks Program:

12.05.18  2pm Phil Cheater

Philip’s work explores the graphic elements in everyday life and how they can be altered to skew our perception of the world we live in.

Originally based on the optical semiotics of institutional Health and Safety culture, his new series of work looks further into the world of architecture. Distorting perceptions of existing spaces, using selective processes to focus on key aspects of space and perspective.

The drawings, paintings and installations that Philip is still developing using the patterns found in everyday occurrences, sometimes in mundane locations, then reintegrating the subject into an unfamiliar landscape.

His work now focuses more on the material nature of this particular subject, developing installations and objects that appear to hold a function through the use of industrial materials and processes.

This free informal artist talk delves deeper into Phil’s influences and techniques.

for more on Phil Cheaters work visit: http://www.fineartphil.com

19.05.18 2pm Rory Duckhouse

Rory Duckhouse is an artist, writer & collector of images based in Cardiff, Wales.

He regularly contributes to online magazines such as photomonitor.co.uk, Aesthetica and this is tomorrow.

Rory’s photographic work is concerned with how the photograph is perceived as a document and the role it plays as a record of an event over time. Using found and vernacular imagery, Rory appropriated images reveal how a layering of time has an effect on the veracity of the image.

Rory graduated with an MA in Photography: Contemporary Dialogues from Swansea Metropolitan University. He has gone on to work for arts organisations including FfotogalleryVolcano Theatre companydiffusion festival of photography & currently works as an exhibitions assistant for the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea.

This free informal artist talk delves deeper into Rory’s influences and techniques.

for more on Rory Duckhouse’s work visit: www.roryduckhouse.com

26.05.18 3pm Gweni llwyd

Gweni Llwyd’s work grows from her fascination with everyday tactile materials: how they can be embedded with a social, sensory, sexual and cultural meaning, and how this may be mediated through digital video.

With a focus on the ordinary, the sensory and the absurd, Gweni draws from online and offline material encounters. Prompted by memories of touch and texture, she navigates hyperlink journeys, collecting video clips, sounds and GIFs from open online archives to use in conjunction with her own video footage, photographs and audio. Approaching video making as collage, she attempts to classify and curate seemingly unconnected digital artefacts, resulting in bizarre, abstracted narratives. 

Gweni graduated from Cardiff School of Art and Design in 2017 and has exhibited throughout Wales, in Italy and online. She was recently the recipient of the Arts Council of Wales Brian Ross Memorial Award (2018), and the NOVA Biennial Young Artist Prize (2017-18). She is currently an ABF Step Change Fellow at Cardiff School of Art and Design and Visual Art Manager for Cardiff based collective Rat Trap.

This free informal artist talk delves deeper into Gweni’s influences and techniques.

for more on Gweni Llwyd’s work visit: www.gwenillwyd.com

Notes to Editors:

To know more about the Nova Cymru Art Prize visit: https://nova.cymru

For more on Arcadecardiff and Three Doors Up visit:

For specific press enquiries, artist sanctioned images and sales enquiries contact Arcadecardiff.

E: arcadecardiffcic@gmail.com

For a General Press Release visit:  https://arcadecardiff.co.uk/press-enquires/


image: Rory Duckhouse Disclaimer Series

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