LYDIA HALCROW: Hold The Line 30/05-16/06 PV 30/06 6-8

Lydia Halcrow: Hold The Line

The work in the show is in response to walks in two coastal places: Bideford Bay in North Devon and Porlock Bay in North Somerset, both are places that are not part of the ‘hold the line’ coastal management policy so that over time the sea levels are rising and the coast lines are shifting and changing in response. The title also refers to the drawn line of the horizon in the work.

I walk in these places, as I walk I record the contact of my feet with the ground using metal plates on my boots, I draw directly onto OS maps of each place, snapshots of views of the horizon, snippets of conversations held along the way, rubbings of the ground with earth and graphite.

I collect earth and objects, I observe processes of decay and entropy, and I try to find ways to ‘draw’ and ‘map’ each place using painting and mark-making with these found materials of the place.

In response to the tidal nature of these places, the show will have subtle shifts and changes throughout the show.

PV 30/05 6-8 Exh: 30/05 – 16/06/18 Open Wednesday to Saturday 12.30 – 17.30

PV 30/05/18 Exh: 30/05 – 16/06/18 Ar agor Dydd Mercher- Dydd Sadwrn  12.30 – 17.30




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