Past Exhibition – CLOD DI

Sarah Roberts


28/11/18 – 22/12/18

Her uncle, once carpeted a bathroom in Bryncrug in the pink.
She had lain down like Rockefeller and sausages, lolling on her back – like a fibrous fido on flamingo.
The deep pile was from ‘carpet warehouse’ up North
Paid for in cash earned with solid hands and made up impurely of spun yarns and
microbial tar.

Pulling up the rug and cutting her teeth with some tiling some years later she imagined
holes and fistfulls of ground becoming toothbrushes and vacuum cleaners and porcelain – and the ones where they buried the dead.
Vac formed inserts under the terazzo and shagged piles. Moulded.

Back with her mountains and things, she follows a TV report on sink-holes, her insides
groan and twist like overcooked pork – ropey.

Later buried and alive in IKEA duvets –she dreams of Nain and potted salmon
sandwiches past their best with claggy bread.

Sticky-mouthed she twists and swallows, slipping into somewhere more comfortable
before her teeth fall out in a drizzle of animal paste, bad welsh and dribble on the mat.

CLOD DI is a new immersive installation and related text by Welsh Artist Sarah
Roberts. ‘Cloddi’ draws inspiration from the artist’s experience of the interior
design revolution in the 90’s, her intense shopping habits, excessive material
practice, loss, her twisted mother tongue and an increasing awareness of sinkholes.

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