Past Exhibition – Intersection

Konstantinos Grigoriadis, Felicity Swallow, Julia Thomas 


28/11/18 – 22/12/18

Intersection is an exhibition showing artworks from three artists, selected for the critical engagement with science and technology in their practice – Konstantinos Grigoriadis, Julia Thomas and Felicity Swallow.

The artworks highlight current concerns about the fear of a ‘rampant’ future and the constant reshaping of our view of perceived reality, providing commentaries on changing practices and expectations. With an increasingly digitally mediated view of the world, how do we best know and understand our surroundings and ourselves? How do we navigate our way through the changes in scientific, medical and technological practices? How do we balance the benefits of new technologies and treatments with the fears and dangers that may arise?

Such questions have manifested themselves through the materials, forms and processes of the artists’ work and creative practices, brought together in this exhibition to coincide with the annual conference of the UK network ‘Science in Public’. The theme of this year’s conference is Intersecting Science and is being held on 17-19 December 2018 at Cardiff University. More information about the conference can be found at



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