Pluspace Coventry : ‘Painted Thought’

  occured: 18/02/14 – 06/03/14 Painted Thought   Artists Involved NEILL CLEMENTS GORDON DALTON ANDREW GRAVES TERRY GREENE RHIANNE MASTERS-HOPKINS RACHEAL MACARTHUR DAVID MANLEY SARAH MCNULTY PHEOBE MITCHELL MIRCEA TELEAGA   The idea that painting must die out and be replaced by newer art forms is not the case. Painting as a discipline over the…

Andy Fung Monochromantics

Andy Fung Monochromantics occured: 03/02/14 – 01/03/14 Andy Fung’s practice is rooted in drawing, which is predominantly a monochromatic discipline.  For this arcadecardiff project the artist will make an intricate black and white specific piece emanating from a central place and spreading around the room.