Helen Grant: Funnul

20/06 – 07/07

FunnuL uses a symbol that commonly denotes the need for caution to instead entice people inside ARCADE. It’s nylon innards are at once an invitation and a warning, highlighting our seemingly inevitable attraction to danger and situations or people that are not necessarily good for us. Its title also references the purchasing funnel, a theoretical model used in marketing to illustrate the customer ‘journey’ from product awareness to purchase. Perfectly sited in a shopping centre, FunneL encourages passers by to step within for a sudden change of perspective and pace.

Helen Grant is an artist based in Bristol. She is interested in the unsaid and understated ways in which we communicate, the humour, mishaps and pathos of human interactions. Her recent work makes use of symbols from familiar yet unfathomable sources: flags and cushions based on archaic naval alphabets, and paintings made from carrier bag graphics.

Helen is also part of Back in 5 Squad, a collaboration who’s dystopian installations ‘Make your eyes and ears bleed’ and she co-runs Test Space, an artist-led project and exhibition space at Spike Island.

PV 20/06 6-8. Open Wednesday to Saturday 12.30 – 17.30

PV 30/05/18. Ar agor Dydd Mercher- Dydd Sadwrn  12.30 – 17.30